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Roller Bridge For Guitar-Mosrite Style Bridge ,


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Each Saddle Has it’s Own Roller & Intonation Adjustment

This Solidly Built Bridge is at home on The Most Expensive Guitars

Round Edges for Hand Comfort

Fewer Broken Strings with Rollers


An Excellent Choice for Guitars with Tremolo’s

73mm center to center of post holes-approx. 2 7/8 ”

10mm string spacing-approx. 3/8 ”

18mm wide front to back-approx. 5/8″

50mm From E to E-approx. 2″

String height is about 3/4″

9″ Radius

10.5mm Spacing



This bridge is not an exact replacement for either a Jazzmaster or Mosrite guitar.

The hole spacing is the same as the Jazzmaster but the neck needs to be shimmed

At 2°. A shim at the heal of the neck pocket will tip the neck back making the

bridge height correct)

Highest quality plating


We recommend using T9 Lubricant

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