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Telecaster Pickups & Harness Set-Tonerider-Vintage-Alnico II Blues TRT3 ,


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Telecaster Pickups & Harness Set-Tonerider-Vintage-Alnico II Blues TRT3


(2) CTS/Mojotone 250k Vintage Taper Potentiometers
Low Noise
Robust Construction
Proprietary Anti-Static Lube
Brass Shafts
Brass Bushing
Smooth Feel
Vintage Taper
Reduced Shaft Wobble

Mojotone vintage taper pots are made to the highest quality 
specifications possible by CTS. These pots are made specifically 
for guitars, their custom taper is more gradual than that of standard 
audio taper potentiometers and are preferred by Pros
(1)Oak/Grigsby 3 Way Switch
(1)Sprague .047 Capacitor
(1) Switchcraft Jack(Industry Standard)
Shielded Jack Connections
Assembled in the US by an Experienced Tech with impeccable quality standards
Tonerider Alnico II Blues Telecaster Set – TRT3
Our first Alnico 2 Tele set offers blues and jazz players warm, rich trebles and superb sustain, whilst still maintaining 
enough tele-twang on the bridge pickup to keep up with country licks. This is our lowest output telecaster set, and
 lets your guitar ring! In particular, this set works great with a snappier maple fingerboard telecaster, controlling harsh 
trebles and overly boomy bass notes. All bridge pickups come with our modified vintage stagger, and are available 
in right and left-handed models.


Tonerider Alnico II Blues for Tele TRT3 – Clean Sounds

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