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Loaded Stratocaster Pickguard, Harness Tonerider City Limits TRS2 ,


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Pre-wired Pickguard With Tonerider Classic Blues TRS2 Strat Pickups

The City Limits set is designed to offer guitarists a hotter Stratocaster sound with unrivalled versatility. The neck and mid pickups are wound to emulate the sought-after 

“overwound” late 50’s-style pickups that vintage collectors have found to have a rich piano-like bass and thick trebles – a tone that has become known as the “Texas” 

sound.  The bridge pickup, however, is a departure from the standard winds and is overwound with lighter gauge AWG43 gauge wire to approximately 9.0kOhms for 

a more modern soloing sound when used with gain or distortion, without a harsh top end.

Due to advances in string technology and the wider range of modern guitar necks, the City Limits set uses our unique “Modified Vintage Stagger” polepiece magnet 

array allowing for near perfect string-to-string balance on the greatest range of instruments possible.  Get them in any Strat and find that hotter, fatter Texas 

tone you’ve been waiting for.


Covers: All singles and sets come with white covers as standard. Any Fender compatible cover can be used (52.4mm, or 2 1/16in).

Polepiece Spacing: All position are 52.4mm, or 2 1/16in, just like the originals.

Harness – Standard 5 Way or Blender

The Blender wiring harness uses one volume, one master tone, and a blender pot. In the neck position you can blend 

the bridge pickup in to varying degrees. In the bridge position you can blend the neck pickup in to varying degrees. 

In positions two and four all three pickups are on at once. Use push on knobs only.

Harness – Standard 5 Way or Blender

  • CTS 250k vintage taper audio split Brass shaft 7% tolerance potentiometers 
  • (1) Oak/Grigsby 5-way switch 
  • (1) Switchcraft mono input jack 
  • (1) Orangedrop .022uf capacitor 
  • Cloth covered black wire 
  •     Cloth covered white wire 
  • (1) Volume mod cap and resistor

Tonerider TRS2 City Limits Set – Mesa Boogie

Please Email With Harness Type and Pickguard Choice


TONERIDER TRS2 City Limits Demo (Clean)

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