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MosLike Vibrato with Mosrite Spec Bridge Assembly-SB ,


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This Vibrato is inspired by the Mosrite Moseley which is considered by guitar aficionados to be one of the best Vibratos ever made.
It is known for it’s lower tension compared with other vibratos. It has complete tuning stability.
This hard to find Vibrato is a top quality part for guitar builders. It is a system that is at home on Mosrite style builds as well
as today’s guitars Designed to sound better too!

You’ll use your Tremolo more because you stay in tune

Includes a Mosrite Bridge, adjustment Posts, Mounting screws,
Nylon washer and 2 springs for light and heavy gauge strings

You’ll use your Tremolo more because you stay in tune

*Check Dimensions

73mm center to center of post holes
Base Front holes-73mm. Back holes-67mm. Front to back-61mm. to E spacing 2 ”
18mm wide front to back-approx. 5/8″
55mm From E to E-approx. 2 3/16″
String height is about 3/4″
9″ Radius

We recommend T9 Lubricant and Super V Superglide Nut Lubricant

Designed in collaboration between seasoned musicians and instrument parts designers,
united by a common goal of creating a high quality parts for musical instruments.

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