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Vintage/Modern Advanced Telecaster Bridge with Swiveling Saddles-Tele Bridge ,


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High Tech Telecaster Bridge


Insanely Cool And Affordable 

Bridge for Telecaster aficionados 


 Custom Made For Us 


Notched flanges for finger and pick clearance


Individual string intonation never

before available on a design of this

type. Each Brass saddle Swivels,

allowing for better string intonation while

preserving the traditional appearance and



Fits vintage “tray” style bridges

with 2-3/16″ string spacing.


For string through models only 


This bridge solves all of the

structural problems and

intonation issues inherent

in the original parts


Designed in a collaboration between seasoned musicians

and instrument parts designers, united by a common goal

of creating a high quality upgrades for musical instruments.



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