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Wilkinson Strat Tremolo WVP6-SB for Fender w Massive Steel Block Chrome ,


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A modern approach to the famous Stratocaster Tremolo with a Diecast assembly that is very cool looking and comfortable on the hands. A 6 screw vintage style system but with the smooth fulcrum action of a 2 pivot set-up. The unique Wilkinson “5+1” knife -edges eliminate the chance of screws binding in the holes resulting in a return to original position second to none! Push in vibrato arm, stainless steel saddles and “stagger drilled” block make this an ideal upgrade for your old vintage bridge. Staggered String Holes for better intonation and adjustment. Elongated mounting holes for universal installation. Will fit Stratocasters both Fender and other brands. String Spacing is 2 1/8″ (54mm) and screw hole spacing is 2 3/16″. Considerable Sound Improvement

  • It fits many import Strat style guitar and Japan made Strat style guitars. A modern smart improvement on the classic design
  • String spacing is 10.8mm, totally 54mm (2-1/8″), Six mounting screws hole spacing can be 54-57mm (2-1/8″ to 2-13/64″), universal fitting. Please measure your guitar before buy
  • Genuine Wilkinson parts, made in Korea and distributed by Musiclily. Solid SUS stainless steel saddles,ultimate in comfort and performance. Full solid steel block with 41mm depth, heavy and thick, with push in tremolo arm bar (you need adjust by a tiny hex screw on the block).
  • The unique 5+1 hole design eliminates the chance of screws binding in the holes resulting in a return to original position second to none. This tremolo provides the unsurpassed “tone transfer” of a six-screw pivot system with the smooth fulcrum action of a two-pivot set-up.
  • Includes full bridge assembly set and mounting accessories

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